Hgh Results: Growth-Rx Amazing Success Story With HGH Pills – Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Hgh Results: Growth-Rx Amazing Success Story With HGH Pills - Human Growth Hormone Supplements

For more info VISIT: Growth-Rx.com This is the amazing success story of Steve. Watch as Steve tells his experience of using Growth-Rx. Growth-Rx is a all natural and safe hgh supplemen…


  1. I wish to see the same results.

  2. nice informational video.

  3. thanks for sharing your story.

  4. works for me, im like a new man today .. yesterday i couldnt walk much now
    i can run.. amazing

  5. This is my thing about hgh i dont know much about it im 34yrs old i see all
    these 19yr olds taken this or younger teens and im sure there not thinking
    about longterm sideeffects i dont know if this stuff works its says all
    natural yea right perhaps some one with some age on them can tell me more
    about this hgh and whats the best one to take growth rx gen f2o provacyl

  6. Can a human grow taller with this in a older age ?

  7. Is Growth-RX better than real HGH-injections?

  8. ……….

  9. Was wondering if we can get it in Australia but lately our customs are
    rejecting goods that have hgh

  10. you say that yer from florida.. it sounds like you have lived in new
    England area before. just the way you talk.

  11. damn you sound like an athletes worst nightmare there at the beginning!!!!

  12. would you suggest this over a spary also should i mix this in with my other

  13. would you suggest this to someone in highschool

  14. can it help soft tissue injury?

  15. is this better than taking shots to build muscle fast….how would it help
    someone with arthritis in the knee

  16. thanks for sharing that. i have torn my acl 3 times and have had 2 acl knee
    reconstructions. i havnt been able to return to competetive sport and i
    know my knee strength will never be the same as it once was. The question i
    ask you is how much difference has this product made for your knee
    strength? are you able to make sharp turns since using growth-rx?

  17. Does effect sex?

  18. watch from 17sec-19sec and ORB flys by!!!!

  19. is it true growth rx helps you with pain after surgery how bout the joint
    and tendons does it helps to heal faster?

  20. Interesting

  21. can try this to 16 yrs old to grow

  22. hgh is good for ubody men

  23. seems like a lot of people are recommending hgh. i guess this stuff is safe.

  24. I do martial arts and sometimes I have take some time off to heal, will
    this work?

  25. thanks for sharing your personal story…great video.

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