Heart Block Vein Opening Natural Remedy

Heart Block Vein Opening Natural Remedy

Heart Vein Natural Medicine 1. Lemon Juice 1Cup 2. Ginger Juice 1Cup 3. Garlic Juice 1Cup 4. Apple Cider Vinegar 1Cup (Some good brand…
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  1. hi there.. thanks for sharing a wonderful nd effective cure but i have 1
    question that my father is aged 55 and he is having triple vessel disease
    above 90% each. Doctors are advising for a by-pass. Will this medicine work
    for him or should he go for the surgery? plz reply asap

  2. So how come when people make a possibly good video they have no idea about
    sound or how to use it, and you end up with half of what they are saying
    and the rest is just a bunch of mumbles or whispers…… try standing
    closer to the mic rather than zooming in to get you the shot. it’s just
    not that difficult………. is it ? one point for trying.

  3. Can we use this recipe for weight loss? Somebody recommend me for weight
    loss, does its effective? 

  4. all please advise? i made this but color became blue. i may used wrong
    apple vinegar. please suggest true aplle vinegar, it means 100% apple

  5. I’ve made the concoction but the thing is, you have to eat right too! Don’t
    expect to have this work an you don’t eat right. That’s the whole thing
    that nobody mentions. 

  6. As it contains huge amount of honey is it alright for a diabetic patient to
    use.?? Pls reply…


  8. Can a diabetics person use the same remedy for blockages? So much of Honey
    wont affect the sugar levels?
    My uncle is diabetics and also got blockages. Pls suggest.

  9. Hi friend! I have seen your formula but my question is about Lemon Juice
    1Cup. I want to know that should I make 1Cup pure Lemon juice with no water
    or I can mix with water on that mixing water how many lemon should I use to
    make juice?
    Another question is that is there substitute of Honey so that diabetic
    patient can drink it?

  10. hello,is this remedy useful for sugar and blood pressure patients.

  11. i gonna try it

  12. doctors won’t have an answer for this claim; it will make you look very
    stupid when you ask them. nutritional marketeers used this phrase to cover
    their backside. they should be the ones with proven papers and full
    convincing clinical results to get the market rather than being cowardice.
    making bombastic claim and hid behind the innocent doctors.

  13. Thank you for sharing you’re very generous..take care

  14. 100% postive result……….thanks

  15. I actually tried the garlic lemon juice, minus the honey for about 19 days.
    People should be aware that as good as this combination sounds, too much
    garlic can have side effects. Make sure you study garlic side effects
    before making this juice. For me, I ended up with a bad sore throat which
    has not gone away yet. I’m pretty sure this juice was the cause as my
    doctor has ruled out bacterial and viral infection.

  16. read up “atherosclerosis (clogged arteries not veins) and white blood
    cells” relation. how defective tissues in the arterial wall were penetrated
    with cholesterol and the white cells came in auto defense but failed in
    their mission that led to the built up. never mind if your science is no
    good but you can still grasp where some explanation are in layman’s terms.
    the very helpful God given angiogenesis (where new arteries are borne when
    some are clogged) that caused further complication setting a nest of
    trappings. how the above youtube thrown in without substance may work need
    to be carefully consider especially patients who are faced with diabetic,
    kidney, gastric, geriatric and other challenges. garlic a natural
    antibiotic is not for vegetarian. clogged arteries are not like calcium
    built up in a drain or pipe where some acids will work wonders where most
    people bragged about claims so and so had it cleaned and cured. set an
    experimental period for the therapy before and after with ct scans. they
    are cyst-liked and cholesterol are crystal hard. do you think the remedy
    will work on a skin cyst not to say about the skin on the inside wall of an
    artery? the built-up collects more than cholesterol and have many more
    garbage and layered that are almost impossible to dismantle, at least now.
    don’t get carry away. not a doc

  17. Thank you

  18. how to make garlic juice and ginger juice ?

  19. My father he is 65 year old and he has 95% heart block. he also has
    diabetes. my question is this mixture ok for diabetes patient? plz

  20. Thank you for the info

  21. i hope it works

  22. i gonna try it

  23. For how many months this juice of GINGER GARLIC LEMON APPLE VINEGAR AND
    HONEY Should be taken for a person having THREE VEINS BLOCKAGE.
    Secondly how to ascertain the blockage are cleared.
    kindly reply to this querry 

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