Health Kit of The Future : Electro-Magnetic Therapy & Medicine ,Cures Everything

BIG Pharma Corporation Hoarding Cures for everything… MIC CHECK – Electro-Magnetic Medicine will cure everything so why the 99% keep dying , why FDA & BIG Pharma is Hoarding this information …
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  1. Great going guys. You must remember that is must be affordable to the
    people who need it the most. Those people probably don’t have the $350
    bucks it takes to buy this. Someone should set up a scholarship fund of
    sorts to assist those who need it. Of course, having it medically
    prescribed like a tens machine would help, but the AMA and FDA and all of
    the others won’t allow it. You might address the international community
    of health care, either in or outside of the system. – Peppi Turco

  2. where can u buy this at 

  3. Neither of the 3 devices that you have shown kill all of the parasites that
    could be in one’s body. Check out Lyme disease. And tell me that it can.
    You will find out that it cannot. I’m dealing with Lyme disease and
    multiple sclerosis. And I have everyone of the devices that you have.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. How can I get one or make one.

  5. @IRLPOKERBRAT13 Thats A Lie , if u heard the interview the Smurf man said
    he was adding salt 2 speed up the process…i been drinking alkaline water
    for 3 1/2 years now

  6. Where can you find one of these, google??

  7. I use this everyday and the results are amazing , no flu, no cold, no
    parasites in my body. There is no way you can get cancer if you drink
    alkaline water and use this protocol . There is no wayy. People should know
    about this! Tell everyone you know about dr. Bob Beck, save life’s.

  8. @wise50fifth you can easily make one of these yourself. That’s why dr beck
    put the info out here for us to get away from BIG CORPORATION. Google the
    complete protocol or buy one off of ebay.

  9. Great Job at showing how to use all 3, I have been looking for a good Vid.
    Keep up the good work.


  11. turn blue???,,,,like a smurf

  12. Aha, but will it cure Cancer HIV and cognitive disease like Parkinson’s?
    The Chinese first Emperor Qin Shi Huang also thought there were life
    preserving compounds in mercury! That proved fatal after decades of usage…

  13. Dope! I seen this before, I didn’t think people were doing it yet. Stay
    healthy my friends.

  14. i want this!!!!! :{ i think this would be super beneficial for women trying
    to concieve

  15. This protocol absolutely works. Don’t take anyones word for it. Check out
    the literature. It’s proof.

  16. God bless Dr. beck…great job man.

  17. Thanks, cataloguing and spreading the news. Remember, don’t cut your Hair,
    it’s like your antenna it helps focus and link your brain to the Godhead.
    We are all connected and one… the rebbi

  18. Does it cure baldness LOL!!!

  19. Sota is still allowing people to save 10% just go to sotainstruments and
    use coupon code CA0014

  20. where can u buy this and how much do it cost

  21. I’m on that dr. beck protocol of silver water purification… There’s so
    much info out here who needs a hospital.

  22. YO, so where can I get one.

  23. Not to spoil the $fun but, you know what is a FREE blood purifier Kundalini
    fire breath along with a normal alkalized diet (for the all natural folks
    that believe in what God gave you YOURSELF)

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