Face Mapping: The Chinese Science of What Your Acne is Telling You

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  1. #facemapping video!

  2. Lmao at Rihanna big fucken for head! 

  3. Oh MY and that random photo of Rihanna’s global forehead. LOL Anyway
    great info. 

  4. Awwww, I used to be subscribed to you before this. If you are going to
    proclaim that this actually is true, please cite reliable sources saying
    where the information came from. And by reliable sources, I mean from an
    academic journal.

  5. So basically don’t eat anything

  6. I don’t know if your skin is a reflection of what’s going on in your body,
    because I have some friends that can eat whatever they want and they won’t
    break out at all. I think it mainly depends on genetics and hormones. I do
    think some things can make it worse more than others though.

  7. Your Skin Looks so flawless*.*

  8. Omg so true!! Had a dairy break out during GenBeauty and my forehead was
    really declaring war on me. Haven’t had milk since then and I’m cleared
    up!!! Such a great video girlie!!!

  9. Omg u saved my face I have pimples on my forehead and cheeks and I drink a
    lot of sodas and no water I’m going to do better

  10. omg at the rihanna pic lol

  11. Damn, can I eat anything?

  12. So what I got out this was, eat healthy, excersize and don’t stress
    yourself out… awesome *looks at her giant ass coffee cup* Well, I’m
    screwed… lol

  13. So basically don’t do anything

  14. i don’t fucking smoke im 14

  15. I like how I was binging on candy as she said forehead pimples are a common
    side effect of a sugary diet. WELL THEN. 

  16. No pues no comes nada xD todo causa acné tendría que comer pura lechuga 

  17. No she didn’t use the Rihanna forehead pic hahaa

  18. Love love LOOOOVE this!!! I have a diploma in Reflexology and I love how
    the little things on the body can indicate what’s going on inside the
    body!! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

  19. i need only to stay away from stress and junk food… but…
    CAN’T …
    GAH!! DX<

  20. Interesting, thanks for the video.

  21. It isn’t the easy feeling having acne, especially when it is on your face.
    You just feel dreadful andembarrassing.

  22. My face has never been clearer after following Herepa. com tips

  23. My face has never been clearer after following Herepa. com tips

  24. I get it most on my checks and I’m 13 

  25. Great, I almost can’t eat anything now, THANK YOU -.-

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