Dr. Roizen Discusses 5 Main Causes of Hardening of Arteries

ihealthtube.com Dr. Michael Roizen discusses the main causes of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. He also discusses a solution for many of those causes….
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  1. there is no need of confusion. everything in live needs to be balanced.
    cholesterol is produced by our body, so that’s the cholesterol we need.
    extra cholesterol from animal products is unhealthy. animal products cause
    inflammation in the first place, something to consider.

  2. High cholosterol is actually good for you, its a total myth that says its
    bad. Saturated fat is good, we ve been eating it for eaons. Sugar and
    grains are bad.

  3. Whoa. I’m confused. Some websites say that cholesterol gets high because
    there is NOT enough Bile produced by the liver to MOVE OUT High Cholesterol.

  4. I’m confused too. I read studies that cholesterol is not responsible for
    heart problems. And if you have low levels of cholesterol a whole other
    host of problems occur.

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