Checking Blood Sugar

Checking Blood Sugar

How To Check Your Blood Sugar When You Have Type 2 Diabetes and Type 1 diabetes.
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  1. The video was posted back in 2008. It’s 2014 so we need a better solution.
    We have created Blood, Glucose Vital Signs Monitor Watch. You can see more
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  2. No hand washing?

  3. Ricky Gervais is a doctor?

  4. First, you don’t take the first drop of blood, remove it, get a second one,
    read it. xD

  5. @DrGFS thanx for the information, i forgot i had asked for help here, so
    when i saw your message in my mail “I have always used the first blood“ i
    got scared…i thought you were a vampire….lol….peace……..

  6. Where is the alcohol????

  7. it doesnt hurt it just scares you more then anything

  8. how can i get a drop of blood if iv lost the little finger prick tool?

  9. Wat r ur symptoms? I am a type 1 diabetic

  10. We’re up to half a dozen people in our North Central Florida area that have
    beaten diabetes be lowering their oxidative stress levels. There are
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  11. whats wrong why did you say that

  12. This vid must be old. It only takes half that long now to get results.

  13. I have those symptoms too lol. Sorry, I had to. lol. Just a habit.

  14. @kofiata I’m studying Nursing and you’re right. The alcohol (when you
    desinfect your finger) can give you a wrong result, so we never take the
    ‘first blood’ and always the ‘second blood’ 😉

  15. Not necessarily, the high glucose measurement could be a number of things
    its best to just see a GP. Generally the mean daily BGL value has a normal
    range between 3.5-6.5 mmol.L(roughly speaking, not everyone is the same!)
    not sure what that is in mg/dI. If your levels after fasting for about 12
    hours is higher than 8 than you are possibly at risk of developing type 2
    diabetes. I was diagnosed prediabetic as my BGL’s after fasting for 12
    hours was around 11.

  16. The pricking is like getting a quick pinch. It hurts less than a bee sting.
    If u take the lancet and don’t put it in the pricked. U can do it on ur ear
    lobe, the bottom. U don’t even feel it

  17. @redcrown666 it feels like a stick from a briar or something similar. It
    depends on which part of the finger you stick also. Go for the sides of the
    finger NOT on the tip as thats where the most nerve endings are located.
    Another thing that keeps the pain down….Let the alcohol completely dry
    BEFORE you prick your finger! We all know how alcohol feels in an open

  18. Umm you should tell your mum you need to see a doctor. Or go to a store and
    buy a meter. Most come free with a couple of strips and lancets. If you
    live in England or Australia and your blougar level is below 3 or above
    about 8/9 You may have diabetes. If you live in America and it’s below 80,
    or above 140 ish. See a doctor, you may have diabetes.

  19. @RetardedAdult ya, and Obama, dont forget Obaba.

  20. I didn’t see the link that gives glucomete free

  21. 5.8 xd

  22. can you prick any one of your finger because sometimes ill test my pointer
    finger which i always do and sometimes i have to do it twice because the
    prick did not pull all of blood and ill have do do it twice i was just
    wondering can i prick any finger?

  23. I get 120 mg/dl , is it normal?

  24. you can get blood glucose metres for free in the uk too 😀 xxxx

  25. I wouldn´t do it without desinfection

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