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In order to reduce blood pressure without taking medication, it’s necessary to make dietary changes and other lifestyle adjustments. Discover the relationshi… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by sharon e: How soon would you know if a blood pressure medicine is or is not working? I have been taking a blood pressure medication now for two weeks. It is excellent and normal first thing after I take the pill, then it shoots back up and stays high the rest of the day. Best answer: Answer by ckm1956Two weeks is plenty. Your doctor may want… Read Article →

SmarterMeds pharmacist Aaron Emmel provides commentary on new studies suggesting that it may be better to take some blood pressure medications at bedtime. Question by Andrew: How to stop taking high blood pressure medication? Without killing yourself!? My grandmother takes high blood pressure medication, and is ready to stop taking it. Her blood pressure has dropped, and we found multiple ways to keep it down naturally, from a homeopathic doctor, and ourselves. What I want to know, is how can she stop taking the medication. I know it has to be done slowly and gradually,… Read Article → Stop smoking. Not only will this help keep your blood pressure in line, you’ll also diminish your risk of cancer a… Christiana Care volunteers at AKA Sigma Zeta Omega March Madness event Image by Christiana Care At the Sigma Zeta Omega of Alpha Kappa Sorority‚Äôs March Madness basketball tournament and fund raiser at Bayard School in Wilmington, Christiana Care employees volunteered to provide health information and screenings. Many Christiana Care employees continue their service to the community outside our hospital walls as volunteers for civic and community organizations. They use their skills and talents… Read Article →

Blood pressure meds may be particularly dangerous for the elderly, and fish oil pills have once again been shown to be useless in a large meta-analysis. More… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Question by Southern California Buckeye: Is it true that once you start taking High Blood Pressure Medication , you have to take them forever? I have heard that once you start taking high Blood Pressure medication that you have to stay on it for he rest of your life even if you improve your condition, is that true ??? Best Informed Answer 10… Read Article → Question by FarmerK: What is the best time of day to take a new blood pressure medication? My husband is starting a new blood pressure medication, Lisinopril. Because he is taking other medications, I cannot figure out the best time of day for him to take this additional daily pill and achieve desired results. Best answer: Answer by wezyI work in a cardiac intensive care unit and the doctors there recommend that our patients take their oral blood pressure medications first thing in the morning. The medication takes about 2 hours for it to… Read Article → Discover the five deadly sins of blood pressure medication and find a solution to lower your high blood pressure naturally. Video Rating: 0 / 5 Question by Jellybean: What blood pressure medication is good for people with moderate to high anxiety? My husband has high blood pressure and also has had issues with panic attacks in the past and anxiety. The blood pressure medication that he just went on today has casued him to have a racing heart and feel very anxious. Is there a blood pressure medication out there that does not have… Read Article →

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