Cardiovascular System : Movement of Blood (14:11)

Lesson 11 in our Cardiovascular System (Heart and Blood Vessels) series. This is part of our Anatomy and Physiology lecture series. This videos looks at the three principles the control the…
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  1. Mr. Ford at 6:30 I guess you have wrong information in your mind with all
    respect. According to my book, CO is the amount of blood pumped out of the
    heart from one ventricle only, not the whole heart. Thanks for your efforts

  2. I love love love your videos, the only question I have is who in the world
    writes the closed caption on your videos, I cant watch the videos with the
    caption on because I’m laughing to hard lol

  3. I find these videos very helpful however I kind of wanted more videos on
    the more in depth concepts of the Heart such as the valves and how blood
    moves through the heart.

  4. where’s video 10!!? lol

  5. Where is video 10???!!!!

  6. Great!!!! Classes !! This the way I can understand the lectures and have a
    bit of fun!,, I really enjoy your classes.

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