Calcium Channel Blockers made Simple

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  1. thank u very much ,,for me was very very very very useful )) big big kisses
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  2. very very useful, pls tell us some more about antihypertensives

  3. Thanks so much ! It’s very helpful and easy to remember. 

  4. Thank you so Much…Cleared my doubts regarding this topic…Plz do 1 on

  5. could you do a video on drug interaction with each others and why it occurs
    the way it does, example is phenegran which potentiates the effects of


  7. Thank you,,it was very helpful :))

  8. thank you so much! I am a pharma student and this one is very helpful. 

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  10. I’m an IMG studying for step 1. This was very helpful. Thank you for your

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  12. This is really very useful! Thanks a ton! Can you please make a video on
    Dihydropyridines.. if possible.

  13. Hello, This was very helpful. When you wrote that prolonged use of
    verapamil can cause “afib” and death…did you mean ventricular


  14. thanks a lot for your video — I’m currently a MSII and I found it very

  15. Really Good..Thank you :)

  16. Very informative. Thank you :)

  17. thank you. I was unclear about whether T or L type calcium channels do what
    where, but I will seek out your other videos as you say they explain this.
    As an aside, you should try labeling your images (like the APs)… though
    it might seem obvious, some of us dummies forgot which one belonged to
    what, so a little label keeps us from stopping the video to go wikipedia
    the answer… nevertheless, excellent and concise, thanks!

  18. thx for those great videos. helps a lot

  19. Hey! Great video! Excellent for revision. It could be shorter though but no
    complains this is good thumbs up. And at 7:03, should it be K+ leaving via
    K+ channels to repolarise the pacemaker cells ?

  20. please prolonge use of verapimil cause sudden death due to ventricular
    fibrillation or atrial fibrillation thank you very much

  21. its really good…thnk u ..!!

  22. It is wonderful :) thanks

  23. @10:00-10::33 you say when Ca gets trapped in side the Pacemaker and
    Ventricular cell it lead to contraction and so prolong use of Verapamil
    would cause ventricular contraction, but then you end up saying Atrial

  24. Awesome, thanks! I kept forgetting which CCBs are DHP and non-DHP, then had
    a *facepalm* moment when you mentioned the ‘-dipine’ suffix. Oh jeez…

  25. This is a brilliant video, thank :)

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