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Question by FarmerK: What is the best time of day to take a new blood pressure medication?
My husband is starting a new blood pressure medication, Lisinopril. Because he is taking other medications, I cannot figure out the best time of day for him to take this additional daily pill and achieve desired results.

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Answer by wezy
I work in a cardiac intensive care unit and the doctors there recommend that our patients take their oral blood pressure medications first thing in the morning. The medication takes about 2 hours for it to be working at its full affect and this way they get the full benefit of it through out the entire day. We even recommend that they set their alarm clocks and take it at the same time even if they are off work or on vacation. I hope this is the kind of information that you are looking for.

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  1. The best time is in the morning so that it’s fully effective during the day when it’s effects are needed most. Taking in the morning also has the advantage that you can get a hold of the doctor during working hours should the need arise. I’ve taken Lisinopril for years and it’s a good drug.

  2. Always the first dose in the am. A person is more active in the day, there for, the drug will help decrease the workload of the heart. (It won’t make it so hard for the heart to pump)

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