Blood Pressure Facts : What Is a Low Blood Pressure Reading?

A low blood pressure reading is anything below 117 over 70 for an adult, though people who exercise frequently and are thin tend to have lower blood pressure…
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Question by Sonia: Looking for a great affordable and accurate personal blood pressure monitor?
I have high blood pressure, My blood pressure readings are quite bad between 155/97 and I am taking several blood pressure medications as well for my heart condition I am back from my doctor and I was told by him to to purchase a personal blood pressure monitor in order to monitor my blood pressure twice a day , the morning and the evening. Now I am on a tight budget, what would be an affordable but above all an accurate blood pressure monitor? Thanks

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Answer by Queryman
Best one is:

CONTEC08C Medical Grade Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Features: Sync with PC-based Software via USB port,accurate analysis systems. 2.8″ Digital LCD display Trusted accuracy,
Price: $ 36.99

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  1. I have always had a low blood pressure and every single time I have had my
    blood pressure taken I have been told it’s lower than usual but I am always
    assured that it’s still at an okay level so I’ve never thought anything of
    it. I tend to have bouts of anaemia because I don’t often eat red
    meat…not because I don’t like it but because it’s a pain to start cooking
    big meals when I get home from work..I usually make something simple so
    it’s usually fish or chicken as opposed to red meat. Does eating certain
    foods trigger high or low blood pressure ?

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  4. looks like a psychiatrist.. scary

  5. I’m 39, vegan, exercise a little bit. My BP is, on average 111/67.
    Remember, vegans don’t eat cholesterol. Cholesterol is ONLY found in animal

  6. My lower was 41 to 45 all day makes me kinda set back and want to chill but
    I’m 28 and that kinda scarry. Going to make a doc appointnment as soon as I

  7. @brokenwings5310 no way! u’d be half dead

  8. I’m 113/53 and I keep having these dizzy spells and blacking out. It’s
    basically every time I stand up.

  9. I’d like to know why my systolic runs from the high 90s to sometimes over
    120, but my diastolic consistenly comes up low, like in the 60s, even when
    the systolic is high.

  10. she’s scary

  11. Hate the poofter add

  12. Damn it! im 14 years old, and my blood pressure is 80/60, and I’m very
    dizzy and tired, headache in my back head, neck, feeling weak/off balance,
    I mean I cannot be active like before, and I also have nausea/vomiting, idk
    why is the cause! Labyrinthitis or Low blood pressure! and im very stressed
    first I thought I have a brain tumor or something lol… YES im dizzy and
    not active for 1month and 2weeks now, HELP ME PLEASE! wanna have fun with
    friends like before. :/

  13. i went to the denstist and my blood pressure was 43/80 and i did not feel
    weak i felt fine

  14. Me, 90/60

  15. yeah when I was in Greece 2008 I got dizzy and the doc told me salt. and
    also tomato juice

  16. @ragdollannie i would definitly get that checked out. maybe there are some
    heart issues? im not a doctor.but i also have low blood pressure too. 108.

  17. I had Low blood pressure

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  19. idk i just took mine and it read 114/68 it could be normal but I’m 6’6″
    266lbs it’s usually 120/80 exact

  20. ive been VERY dizzy and almost faint ready for almost a year now. what is
    the best cure for this? please answer, its really getting worse by the day.

  21. I’m 31 and have been eating but feel dizzy and even had trouble standing
    and speaking and thinking. I checked my blood pressure and the lower number
    was 60. i’ve been tring to raise it and I think it’s about 65 now but It’s
    been 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do. Any advise?

  22. today mines was 90 over 50 at the CVS today , i’m 48 yrs old size 14 , 5’9
    what do you think

  23. :O ive got low blood pressure haha myns 84 im 14

  24. today mines was 90 over 50 at the CVS today , i’m 48 yrs old size 14 , 5’9

  25. im 15 and i had 105/60 when i was in minor panic attack because i thought i
    was going to faint and i also have tinnitus so could my low blood pressure
    cause tinnitus??

  26. My daughter also has high blood pressure. Her doctor recommendation was The Omron HEM-711AC.
    It is a digital blood pressure monitor, extremely accurate(her blood pressure monitor readings are exactly the same as the BP readings that she gets from the doctor office). It is about $ 40 I believe and you can buy it from your pharmacy or online shopping like Amazon.

  27. check the lins..

    A manually operated would be ideal and cheapest but then you need a bit of training in accurately knowing the fading pulse.

  28. HoMedics are the European maker of reliable BP monitors. You are better off saving up a bit and then get one that’s totally reliable. The one I have keeps a record of 120 readings for two people if required, and when compared to the BP monitors in the pharmacy and GP it is the same. I can’t remember how much it cost. It was about average, not too cheap not too dear. Its better to have your own monitor as it eliminates white coat syndrome and in my case, the first reading is always the highest strangely enough! So, relax and your blood pressure will come down or at least that seems to be the case for me!

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