Blood Chemistry – Dr. Tent

Blood Chemistry - Dr. Tent

Diverse Health Services presents Dr. Tents April 2013 lecture; Blood Chemistry
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Keep calm, chive on. Nothing to see here folks

  2. Please watch and share this! We need people to wake up and stop these
    maniacs from poisoning and killing us all!

  3. Great talks, Dr Tent – I’m hooked. Thank you.

  4. The “Founding Father’s” were smart because they used the same ancient and
    reliable system of prediction that Nostradamus used and many, many others
    before and since, known as Astrology. The kind of Astrology they used was
    Mundane Astrology. The Bible is riddled with references to the stars and
    what is called Astrotheology. Here are a couple of short video’s that
    should give some proof that this is true and even reference where to begin
    researching if interested in going further. The so-called Elites use
    Astrology. J.P. Morgan even admitted to the use of it for gaining wealth.
    That would be Financial Astrology, another kind of Astrology.

  5. protein for vegans come from green leafy veggies… where do you think a
    cow, an elephant, a girraff gets their protein… raw-vegan for 3 years and
    my protein levels are on the high end of the acceptable range… look at
    the usda website on nutritional values for green leafy veggies… they have
    bio-available proteins…
    in animal flesh the amino acids are arranged incorrectly to put on muscle
    mass… any athlete will tell you that they do better on green leafy
    veggies..and energy levels go up on them…peace

  6. I would rather get my vitamins and minerals from natural sources not pills.

  7. he forgot to mention that the “runt” is also a human being…names like
    that are a form of bullying… have some respect please…

  8. ……………………………………….. -__-

  9. Yet another great lecture from Dr. Randy Tent! I’m hooked now.

  10. damn straight! those bums

  11. Thank you, I have watched all your videos and I am became an addict!!! We
    need more people like you. I just can not look any longer and see how the
    human race deteriorate because of the use of a drugs that should not be
    prescribe to them on the first place. In 50 years people will look back and
    will wonder how this approach was even possible to carry on for such long
    time…You are one of many HEROES who speak wisely and have common sense.
    Waiting for more and God Bless

  12. Circa 9:40… They already nuked religious freedom with the whole 501(c)(3)
    thing when nobody was looking decades ago.

  13. Thank GOD for Dr. Tent ! This incredible man has a wealth of valuable

  14. Your boys look awesome!!! Great Job there mister. P.S. In leu of BioDent
    organic chicken bone broth and grass fed beef bone broth is good too.

  15. Thank You Dr’s… Real Doctors too! I thought they were extinct…. Thank
    you for showing me how wrongly we are being programed…

  16. bone broth is key!

  17. I absolutely love Dr Tent and recommend his lectures to everybody who wants
    to empower themselves against ANY health problem, and learn a truckload of
    other enlightening facts whilst laughing your guts up

  18. thanx sis! ;D

  19. Did you ever watch J.J. Virgin’s Freaky Eaters? So crazy!

  20. me too!

  21. i agree! Another equally amazing natural doctor to learn from is John
    Bergman. he has over 350 video lessons on you tube also of his seminars
    that he gives for free at his clinic. Totally amazing what these guys are
    doing! there is a naturopath doc that i like also named Dr. Robert Morse.
    truth & love sister!

  22. Dr Oz amd Morgan are controlled by the Zionist

  23. Anyone on meds should watch this.

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