Balancing the Bones: Blood Calcium Homeostasis

This short animated video presentation describing the basics of bone remodeling and calcium metabolism as well as the multiple functions of Vitamin D. Furthermore, this animation introduces…
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  1. Nice way to simplify an explanation of Bone Homeostasis

  2. VitaminD is such a two faced, hypocritical, double crossing bitch!

  3. Thank for the video, was very useful in my pharmacology exam for remember
    the general idea of homeostasis 

  4. Thank you ~ :3

  5. Balancing the Bones: Blood Calcium Homeostasis is the second animation made
    by 4DM3 students Daniel Weiss, Janet Zanin, Rebecca Stepita & Olivia Cook.
    Please let us know what you think.

  6. This is a very good video! Although it is a little basic for a college
    level course, which is what I was looking for, it is perfect for the
    average lay person. Good work!

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