Avocado: Naturally Reverse Heart Disease, Plaque in Arteries & Lose Weight

Video series about healing foods and superfoods and how they empower your body to heal itself. Presented by Jeff Primack, founder of Supreme Science Qigong C…

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  1. WTF?! “the avocado is 20 percent fat”. Did I hear that right? Its actually
    the opposite, 77% fat. More like 20% not fat.

  2. The seed is made to go into the ground. 

  3. Great video. I’m on the road for a detox. I just had a green smoothie
    over an hour ago which included some avocado AND the seed! I’m still full
    after that and no need for unnecessary snacking! 

  4. Advocados is good for gaining healthy weight

  5. You lost me when you bought up the old testament…

  6. now i have started eating healthy my digestion seems to NOT be as good
    anyone know why this is please?

  7. Hi Steve, thank you so much for your time and effort to respond.
    Historical perhaps but not very accurate as you may know. Christmas was
    stolen from the “Pagans” , Jesus was born 30 years before the year 0,
    planet earth is 5000 years old, etc, etc. This in itself doesnt really
    bother me that much.
    But you are right, I am afraid of a belief/ideology that cause people to
    fly into buildings, molest children, decapitate those who can’t recite a
    certain verse from a ancient historical book or discriminate against and
    molest people with a different sexual orientation then themselves.
    Perhaps this explains somewhat my aversion.
    But to end on a positive note, I did enjoy the video. Are you into healthy
    living as well?

  8. Thanks, good video……has anyone told you that you not only look like
    Adam Sandler……you sound like him as well. Any relation?

  9. I don’t like avocados.

  10. Thank you so much for the great advice !

  11. I discovered this video about a year ago, he inspired me to make a change
    and start to eat for my health. I introduced one avocado a day along with
    MANY other veg/fruits and began a healthy raw diet/life.
    I am female and in my early 20’s and was struggling to loose the weight I
    had gained over the past few years. Being 25lbs over weight for my height,
    it was time to loose weight properly, the healthy way. I lost 32lbs in 3
    months from switching to a “regular” diet/lifestyle to a HEALTHY lifestyle
    (especially AVOCADO) using his advice and videos to inspire me.
    I have continued to eat healthy ever since and my weight has stabilised at
    exactly the same weight as I was before I gained it!
    I tell people about the weight loss benefits of Avocados when they ask how
    I did it… they look at me like I am crazy. I guess some people don’t
    understand that veg and fruits are here to help our bodies… no
    pills/shakes/crazy diets will help you in the long run.
    I am so happy I found this video, it has changed my life. 

  12. where can i get the full video? what the name?

  13. Big up. Thanks. The Avocado fruit takes 9 months to grow from stem. it
    resembles the uterus and contains anti uterus cancer properties. God is

  14. ….. why are you wearing chinese pajamas? 

  15. i liked it until u brought up religion :-(

  16. thanks so much !!

  17. love your comment about the government

  18. please focus on what is being talked about….sorry if you a a child then I
    understand your observation

  19. It’s talking about the fruit coming from the seed, nor eating a seed
    lol! Eating the seed is taking it a little to far.

  20. Very nice and educational

  21. Why to eat a Avocado and its seed daily. 

  22. Hahah, was nice to hear it wasn’t it. :)

  23. the spam in the comments is unreal……enough already…losers.

  24. i love cheerios :(

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