Asparagus and Cancer: Is It a Natural Cure?

Instructions on Protocol: Visit Asparagus and Cancer: Is It a Natural Cure? There are many foods that have special properties, nutrients, and undiscovered cofactors…
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  2. More and more some European MD Doctors and Holistic Medicine and some MD
    American and Canadian Doctors are discovering that Probiotics Acidophillus
    prevents cancer, as well as acidic and alkaline balancing correctly. Many
    people which have survived cancer and doctors are trying to understand this
    truly remarkable idea that Cancer actually cuts open your blood vessels to
    suck out all your sugar in your blood, to gain its energy to grow with.
    Doctors are dealing with the possibility that cancer is some kind of SUPER
    YEAST, because yeast also thrives off your sugar like candida, and is a
    problem with alkaline and acid balancing. Fortunately The Earth has
    hundreds of natural herbs(cinnamon, fennel, anise, pau d’arco, ginger root,
    star anise,) and vegetable(asparagus, capric producing products, garlic,
    onions, mushrooms, leek, mustard seed, tumeric), yeast killers. Here is a
    video about Asparagus as a Cancer Killer, or preventor. As we increase our
    health with daily intakes of non-pesticided, NON-GMO (gmo’s are all
    viruses, and the body does not tolerate them well, nor able to self-cure
    them easily), it is not particularly an issue of whether it is organic or
    not, because that is just a method of growing. Pesticides will toxify you,
    cause you kidney and liver damage, blood disease and many other problems.
    GMO had bugs your body’s immune system has inability to fight. However,
    free of pesticides and free of GMO,and water being distilled water to
    plants, this is healthy food. Self-diagnose your own health, here. Eat
    four or five fresh fruits every day? Eat at least three non-pesticide,
    non-GMO green salads, daily? Food high in Grains, nuts and seeds,
    vegetables and fresh fruits? Food non existant in red-meat and pork and
    animal fat? No hydrogenated fat in diet(trans fat)? No Sucralose(linked to
    causing obesity)? No maltodextrin(linked in 1965 to causing alcohol
    addiction in kids, and in 2013, to causing asthma problems)? No excessive
    alcohol? No Addiction drugs? No Tobacco? Your answers tell you where you
    need to start, but starting with nutrition is easiest, first.

  3. What do you think about steaming it first then making a puree in a blender
    with a little cayanne pepper…??? That’ll clean you out…FAST…!!!

  4. Has it been concurrent with proper lifestyle/diet or is this all you’ve
    done? There are many factors to consider otherwise. Dairy bad. Sugar bad.
    Too much animal flesh/fat bad. Latent tissue acidosis is as a result of
    fermentation of sugars as well as consumption of acid ash foods. Alkalize
    immediately. No more sugar, white flour products, dairy. Drink 3 to 5
    glasses of water with baking soda per day. Cancer can’t survive in an
    alkaline environment. Google Active Hexose Correlated Compounds.

  5. Hello! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep
    on talking about Fibromilorex Remedy (google it), but I’m not sure if it’s
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  6. Your doctor doesn’t know about AHCC or how to cure cancer. All he knows
    about is diagnosing, burning, cutting or prescribing. I use a heaping
    teaspoon per about 8 ounces three to four times a day. It’s not exactly the
    tastiest thing on earth but far from unbearable. You can buy AHCC online.
    iHerb sells it as does Amazon.

  7. Jesus Christ is God, this is the truth. In HIM was life, and that life was
    the light of all people. Get saved, ask JESUS CHRIST to save you !

  8. I am in top shape. I lift weights, i can bench press 225 10 times and i run
    2 times a week for a total of six miles. I train jiu jitsu and i wtch my
    diet. Everyone who i know is shocked that this has happened to me. Now
    three months later i will be losing my last testicle and will have to be on
    hormone replacement therapy. I am absolutely horrified at the thought of
    living with NO testicles. My whole life is about physical hobbies and i am
    worried that i wont be able to continue

  9. thank you for kind information. I am one person who doesn’t believe on
    radiation & chemo. You will die very soon before or after your chemo
    treatment. Long live to these people who believe on this. I surely will add
    asparagus on our diet.

  10. I have been eating asparagus for years many nights a week. I was diagnosed
    with testicular cancer one month ago. I love asparagus, but im gonna go
    ahead and say this is bullshit.

  11. good thing i loveeee asparagus!! Its amazing! yay!

  12. Stretching

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  14. Try the AHCC as this increases natural killer cell counts. You are acid
    regardless of lifestyle. Tumors have been shown to have high amounts of
    lactic acid surrounding them, so believe it or not, exercise may be one
    cause. I’ve lifted for 37 years and have done 225 for 35 reps, but at my
    peak strength I was unhealthy. I’m 50 now and ended up suffering heart
    issues. I got off gluten, dairy, sugar, but do eat a little meat here and
    there. Do the water baking soda daily. AHCC is potent. Try it.

  15. My friend previously had very severe yeast infection since the lady was 15.
    She’s now 33 and only recently completely got rid of her yeast infection.
    She uncovered the Yeast Infection Destroyer (Google it) and it demonstrated
    to her how to cure yeast infections. It is easy to successfully treat your
    yeast infection if you would like. You just need a quality methodology.

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  17. Have you done anything else to change your diet or have you just added
    asparagus? Read the China Study.

  18. Asparagus is good to fight cancer Do a search on Google Sholar : asparagus
    + cancer

  19. Thanks for the tips bro. How much baking soda per glass? I wish my doctors
    had mentioned the herb AHCC before my cancer spread to my last testicle.

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