Arginine Pills Do NOT Work for Heart Disease — Nobel-prize winning doctor finds secret to coronary heart disease prevention and treatment. Erectile Dysfunction linked to c…
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  1. Dr.Ignarro is a great scientist who has devoted his life to helping cure
    our bodies.. love your video, its spot on

  2. Thanks for your comment, but the point of the arginine pills is to
    highlight the fact that the pills are less effective than a liquid form
    combined with other catalytic ingredients such as l citrilline.

  3. what if you crush up the Arg and Citul pills?

  4. Pseudo science bs…watch out ppl

  5. there are2 amino acids that the body can use to create nitric oxide but the
    main one is arginine, Arginine is used in the renal system to keep blood
    pressure from dropping too low, but it is also used as a vasodilator. It
    does not clean the arteries, it merely prevents the breakdown of
    cholesterol that has hardened on the blood vessel wall, if this cholesterol
    came unstuck it would release into the blood stream and Block the vessel.
    ther can be many underlying problems to erectile dysfunction

  6. i swear i have a stiffer and long lasting erection by just using 500mg of l
    arginine daily

  7. He just said that it does WORK, but only if you combine it with L
    citralline, plus some antioxidants.

  8. @cradlenazi That information was known to many individuals prior to the
    world wide web, in fact prior to 1981. As to the “regurgitated information”
    I have been involved with biologicals, OTC drugs and supplements, drug
    transport mechanism, nutrition, & medical research for over 38 years, not
    that I need defend myself. I currently hold the title of director of
    research for a California pharmaceutical firm. And your qualifications? You
    haven’t addressed Arginine being diverted to Urea formation

  9. There must be something YOU’RE doing wrong, buddy because L-Arginine DOES

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  11. @Renshen1957 you would have to be taking large doses for a number of weeks
    for it to have an effect on that particiular condition. Supplementing
    withlow doses of arginine is unlikely to cause an outbreak. Bodybuilders
    who intake large amounts of arginine for the physical benifits are the ones
    most likely to expereience this reaction.

  12. How about people with recurrent Herpes infections? L-Arginine is used by
    the Herpes virus to replicate itself and to supress the cells immune
    function. High intake of Arginine or Creatine (which contains high amounts
    of Arginine) can cause herpes outbreaks.

  13. @cradlenazi The Original studies in Italy on high dose (multiple grams)
    Arginine and Ornithine recommend the inclusion of Lysine as a herpetic
    antagonist and halfing the dosage of Arginine. The amount of Arginine in a
    bowl of rice or almond butter on wheat sandwich can be sufficient in some
    individuals. Arginine is ever present in the western diet. L-Citruline can
    facilitate the conversion of Ornithine (found in fowl protein) into
    Arginine. High dosages would be required for N. Oxide to work.

  14. @Jared16777216 I’ve seen alot of promos for products that start negatively
    to attract your attention. Google “Acai Scam” or “Acai Berry side effects.”
    Then the company website states they did research, and here are the top 3
    with free samples. When you leave a pop-up say, do you want to navigate
    away from these free offers? Watch out. These scammers will sign you up for
    auto shipments and other offers that charge your credit card, which they
    won’t refund.

  15. @Jared16777216 its a marketing strategy. i noticed it too.

  16. thank god it worked for john ,thats me.

  17. @cradlenazi See J Nutrigenet Nutrigenomics. 2011;4(2):90-8. Epub 2011 May
    28. “Clinically, an additional paradox is that the largest controlled study
    on chronic oral arginine supplementation in patients after myocardial
    infarction had to be interrupted for excess mortality in treated patients.
    Expression and activity of arginases, which produce urea and divert
    arginine from NOS, are positively related to exogenous arginine
    supplementation.” The above suggests caution among patients after MI.

  18. @Renshen1957 Why are you regurgitating information you found on the
    internet. Yes some sensitive indiviuals with that condition should not take
    arginine. But in genral low doses should be fine for most people, large
    doses will show more significant effect as i said

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