Are There Different Types of Naturopathic Doctors #780

Are There Different Types of Naturopathic Doctors #780 – I didn’t know there were different types of naturopathic doctors until I met Dr. Theresa Dale… In this episode, Dr. Dale explains the different types…


  1. Oh, and no I didn’t know there were different types! I’m actually hoping to
    pursue naturopathy as my career path, but I definitely don’t want to be
    learning about pharm aceuticals in order to become certified…I’d much
    rather learn about the healing effects by plants and herbs that these drugs
    are trying to mimic UNnaturally… hmmm =/

  2. I have a question: what is difference between isopathic/homoeopathic doctor
    and naturopathic doctor?

  3. I knew that different states let naturopaths do certain things while others
    don’t. The freedom to play around with medical knowledge is something
    naturopaths in some states have the advantage of. I dunno that I consider a
    reiki master a naturopath tho. @llatoya85 homeopathic doctors use
    homeopathic remedies (a remedy with the essence of an herb, mineral, etc
    while a naturopathic may use homeopathy they might also use whole herbs,
    tinctures, polltices, etc.

  4. Stay out in the sun too long today Kevin? 😛

  5. She is absolutely on-point with her differentiation. I started out going to
    the 4-year medical school for naturopathic medicine and after a year of
    pure sciences, switched over to traditional naturopathy because it was more
    in line with my personal philosophies. Thank you so much for doing this
    show! BTW, there are 15 states that license naturopathic physicians; the
    remaining 35 states have legislation being pushed for licensure/regulation
    by the entities that support naturopathic physicians.

  6. @GothOrganics Thanks a lot, I am considering going to one of these doctors.

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