Are There Different Types of Kombucha and Cultures #524 – Today, I want to bring you Steve Dickman, the co-founder of High Country Kombucha. He’s a true formulator and innovator. He also knows his stuff about …
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  1. I’m not familar with the taste of Kombucha yet but maybe like a young green
    coconut water fermented Kombucha, or, flavors like black berry, raspberrie,
    black raspberry, vanilla, cherry, pineapple, green apple, purple grapes,
    mint, spearmint, ginger, mixed apple cinnamon, mixed vanilla coconut,
    papaya or papaya mixed with pineapple, both pineaple & papya have lots of
    enzymes. Im not sure what teas are uses to make the Kombucha but I really
    like a infused tea of green tea and mint. reishi mushroom

  2. Chocolate.

  3. I love this brand better than others I have tried. I am always anxious to
    try their new flavors. Thanks for sharing! Lee

  4. Acai Berry Kombucha would rock da casbah!!

  5. Okay I tried this brand of kombucha and I am sorry to say it is not my
    favorite. Instead of that nice slightly sweet vinegary taste I enjoy from
    most kombucha, this one was bland, watered down and had the after taste of
    sour milk. I guess all those boujie claims of “pure” cultures proves what
    we have found in the human race, that diversity does create a more
    interesting product. Sorry, I was hoping to like it more, but I have to be

  6. If no one likes GMO, why the hell do we even tolerate it?

  7. u can brew it with green tea, but its recommended to add at least 1 black
    tea with it, it helps it ferment, do not use teas with oils in them in the
    kombucha batch because the oils will cut oxygen from the culture and make
    it sick/ dead. hope this helps 😉

  8. I am going to look for this tomorrow when I go to WF. Not really a fan of
    Kombucha so can not give a good recommendation for flavors.

  9. Kombucha eugenics? I don’t know about that, but I will try to the product
    as I am a Kombucha fan!

  10. Is it possible to make Kombucha with teas that don’t contain caffein?

  11. yes, ,you can use decaf

  12. i wonder if it is made with RAW spring water ?

  13. @buttercupsnailbox technically no, it’s a living thing. Pick your battles
    hun, you eat living organisms every day. Evev if you ash your veggies, they
    still have microscopic, living organisms on/in them. So relax and enjoy the
    bennefits of Kombucha.

  14. Checked out there website, used their locator and found that my local
    health food store stocks their product. I am so there tomorrow to pick some

  15. thanks, High Country, for not going fruity/yummy. So many products/health
    food stores go in that direction & I stop buying them.

  16. fermented foods and drinks are great. you should do a show on fermented
    foods and drinks.

  17. shilajit minerals , jujube and Billy’s Greens..:) That will awaken your

  18. ***** :)

  19. they only have GT brand here =/

  20. oh maybe some how incorporate chamomile tea or white tea into the Kombucha,
    or hibiscus tea, or mint or spearmint can be used as teas. not sure how
    well they can be cultured with Kombucha, but maybe try different tea
    infusions, Im really curious as if Kombucha can be cultured with young
    green coconut water, like with water kefir grains in coconut water kefir.

  21. I live in Australia & its not easy getting the best quality here its very

  22. I wonder if Kombucha can be cultured with green, white, or yerba mate teas?
    Something I read recommended only black tea with no fruits while culturing.
    I think antioxidant rich berry notes for flavor are most delicious.

  23. I’m brewing some kombucha and I’m going to try ginger/carrot.

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