Acute Coronary Syndrome, Coronary Artery Disease and MI

Acute Coronary Syndrome, Coronary Artery Disease and MI

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  1. I love your videos but this one is not the best. I can’t hear what the girl
    is saying so I have no idea what the answer is. All I can hear is mmhmm… 

  2. Your videos are awesome! I have shared your knowledge with my nursing class
    they love them also! 

  3. Check out this video on Yo

  4. I am hoping your videos help. Its all making sense to me now!!! Taking
    nclex soon for the FORTH time. Im just not good at studying and also a
    mother of four with a night cna shift. Cant wait to be an RN!!

  5. Can you please come to my school and replace my professor?! 

  6. Arrrrrg, second year exam in an hour… Freaking out! Thanks for helping!

    Also, I like that you’re teaching someone in the video, makes it natural
    and and she has a very lovely voice. 

  7. In nursing school and these videos are great supplements! you rock my

  8. you guys are so flirting :p

  9. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! wish I could have you around to talk to since you know
    everything a nursing student needs to know in EASY UNDERSTANDABLE TERMS!
    Your are handsome, smart, and if I might add my input, you definitely ride
    better SOLO, so definitely try to lose the chick! hahha but THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Mike – You said that exercise causes vasconstriction, Can you explain to me
    why this is because I thought it was vasodilation? 

  11. I know these are free but I can’t deal with the “MMHHHMMM’ girl again.

  12. Michael your videos are awesome….but please get rid of the girl in the
    background! Much better when you go solo!!

  13. you are so cute

  14. You are a God sent. Your videos have helped me so much… Thank you. I wish
    every nursing student would have to sign up to hear your videos….It
    really makes a difference.

  15. calm down now, lol. dont get jelous, haha jk jk, just a student I tutor for
    Club20 private tutoring program (more info at my website) I really wanted
    her on my video…. to embarressed lol

  16. Rusty, give us a call, we can help you bro 951-662-4749

  17. Thanks brother

  18. @Mike kaplan college, las vegas. Unfortunately, it’s an ADN program

  19. ha ha, we discontinued live work shops for that reason 😛

  20. Cool, why is that Unfortunate? I am an ADN nurse

  21. Hey Mike. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your lectures. Ive been
    watching them everyday. I have my nclex soon, and find that your lectures
    have helped me even more then 90% of my professors lol. Thank you for being
    awesome. Rosemary

  22. I think you are absolutely adorable! You and your swagitis! Smart &
    Handsome! Videos are very informative & enjoy the way you have stories to
    help remember certain disease process’!!!

  23. of course, MONA <<< A is Asa I cover it in my entire course in the Video Vault at simplenursing(.)com

  24. You are the man! i cannot believe i only discovered this channel today!
    Thanks man. You have seriously help me understand this!

  25. I FINALLY GET IT and can retain it as well. Thank you Michael.

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