3D Medical Animation (HD) – Stroke Management

3D Medical Animation (HD) - Stroke Management

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  1. My Father die by brain stroke, he was paralyzed 12 years , This was not
    available that time in our country,Please Allah help people from this

  2. Prompt medical attention, your stances are better.

  3. Love it

  4. The procedure is called “Mechanical thrombectomy” and if performed within
    few hours after onset of symptoms, the brain can be cured completely or
    with much less damage than in untreated patients. 

  5. Great :)

  6. NIce video!


  8. We do appreciate your feedback, Sukaedi. It is highly valued. Thanks

  9. wow, thats an amazing technology? I woud really like to know what this
    procedure is called

  10. Stroke Management 3D Medical Animation.

  11. Nice Animation. Can be more useful with comments on important steeps. Very
    good job.


  13. Thanks Combatfear 4…

  14. IF education is not the point of posting this, is it only for marketing
    purposes? A short voice over naming what is being seen would be a sales
    point for presentations to people as young as 5 or 6. These are the sort of
    presentations that will stay with a very young mind as foundations for
    thinking. Don’t underestimate your market. Think what Magic School Bus did
    for those children who saw it..

  15. Dear Jamal, your contribution is highly appreciated and we do find your
    feedback of value. Generally, medical videos with a public focus would be
    supported by a voice over, comments or subtitles as you recommend. Similar
    animations are developed as supportive tools for physicians and health
    educators to be used for one to one patient education purposes. Thanks
    again for your feedback… Looking forward to further input from your side.
    Have a nice day,

  16. Excellent work!

  17. What is this procedure called?

  18. It is spectacular technology. Appreciated for the extra ordinary research.

  19. this is just amazing….. what is that technology named? Can the after
    effects of the stroke can totally be repaired?

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